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Cookie Policy

We use cookies

A cookie is information that a website such as this puts on a user's computer to store limited information from a web browser session that can be retrieved in the future. They are also sometimes referred to as browser cookies, web cookies or internet cookies. Cookies can be accessed by the browser user, the site a user is on or by a third party that might use the information for different purposes.

Why we use cookies

​Simple Dashboarding uses a very limited numebr of cookies on this website in order to:  

  • Monitor how many people visit the website, and where they are lcocated (website traffic)

  • Understand if visitors are first time or return visitors

  • Identify if you are already a customer (for a more personalised experience, e.g. easy login)

  • To monitor and analyse the performance, operation and effectiveness of our individual website pages.

How to withdraw your cookie consent

This product and website designed for users in Australia and New Zealand, and cookies are in use. 


If you prefer not to use cookies on your device, you can can easily stop your browser from accepting cookies by configuring your browser’s cookie settings. All commercial web browsers are featured with cookie management functionality. Please check your web browser to find out more how to delete or disable cookies etc.

Please note that the changes/choices may affect the functionality of the website.

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