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Privacy Policy

This notice applies across all platforms and websites owned and operated by Symmatix, trading as Simple Dashboarding, and all services we provide. 

Symmatix / SimpleDashboarding may need to update this notice from time to time. If  a change is significant, we will advise our customers of this change by email or in platform notice (for example, app or website pop-up).

This notice was last updated on 30 October 2023.​



We believe that trust is an essential component of all successful business relationships.  A key component of trust is the ability to share private information in confidence.  We take the privacy of our customers and users seriously not just because it is the right thing to do, but because we will quickly go out of business if we do not.


This policy sets out both our general principles towards privacy, as well as a more detailed guide to what this means in practice.  If you have any further questions, we welcome them at


Guiding Principles


Information shared with us should be treated as private by default.

Private information should only be used for purposes that would reasonably be expected given the circumstances of its disclosure.  If in doubt, explicit and informed consent should be sought.

Private information should be treated in a professional, secure, respectful, and caring manner that is consistent with all applicable laws and regulations.

Individuals and organisations have a right to know what private information they have shared with us, how we deal with it, and to revoke consent and/or have it deleted.



“Customer” An organisation that subscribe to our Services

“Services” Our enterprise information management services

“User” A person associated with one or more Customers

“Visitor” An individuals using our Website

“we / us / our” Symmatix Limited, a New Zealand registered company

“Website”, and all related domains we own or control

“you / your” A Customer, User, or Visitor that has shared information with us


Scope of Application


This policy applies to all our interactions with you, and it is a condition of use of our Website and Services that you consent to its terms.  It covers all information that you share with us, including information that you have authorised 3rd parties to share with us.  


What We Use Your Information For


The main ways we use your information are as follows:


Marketing our Services to you

Establishing and maintaining credit, billing, and collection arrangements

Providing the Services to you

Improving the Services provided to you

Responding to your communications

Communicating other relevant information about our relationship to you


We may also use your information to the extent necessary to fulfil our legal obligations and/or protect and enforce our legal rights and interests.


Finally, we may use your information for other purposes where you have given us explicit and informed permission to do so.


Disclosing Your Information


We may disclose your information in accordance with the areas set out below.


Within your organisation


Our Services are designed for Customers consisting of multiple associated Users.  Further, they are explicitly designed to make it easy for those Users to share Customer information amongst themselves.  As such, Users should expect that any information they share relating to a specific Customer is potentially available to all Users associated with that Customer.  In practice, we may provide Customers with the ability to configure and restrict how information is shared internally, but there will always be at least one internal system administrator who has access to everything.


Within our organisation


We respect the privacy of your information within our organisation and restrict access to the people, circumstances, and extent necessary to provide the Services.  All our staff our bound by strict privacy and confidentiality clauses in their contracts and we implement internal systems and procedures to monitor and prevent unauthorised access to your information.  Any breach of our internal privacy policies would be considered a serious breach of contract and usually lead to immediate dismissal with the potential for further legal action.


To our service providers


Our business relies on 3rd party service providers to deliver our core Services (e.g. cloud infrastructure) and to manage our internal operations (e.g. an accounting system).  We seek to use reputable service providers whose approach to privacy and confidentiality is consistent with ours and appropriately documented in their terms of service.  Information is only shared to the extent required for them to provide their services to us and we will not knowingly engage with anyone that uses your information for any other purpose.


To fulfil our legal and regulatory responsibilities


We will share information with people or organisations that have legal basis to require us to do so, such as regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies.  Information will only be shared to the extent required to meet such obligations.


With your consent


There are a range of circumstances in which you may instruct us to share your information with 3rd parties outside of your organisation.  We aim to make it clear whenever the option to share is available and ensure you understand the implications of doing so.  We only offer sharing options where it adds value to the Services or is otherwise integral to the process of using or purchasing them.  We will not knowingly share your information with any 3rd parties for the primary purpose of advertising or marketing their offerings.


Public information


We may disclose your information to the extent that it is already generally available in the public domain, so long as it did not get there because of a breach of this policy.


Anonymised Information


We may conduct research and analysis based on information aggregated across multiple Customers and/or Users.   To the extent that any research or analysis is shared outside of organisation, all information will be anonymised to the extent required to ensure it does not reveal the identity or private information of any Customer or User and cannot be reverse engineered to do so.


Maintaining Your Information


How we maintain it


We will take reasonable steps to maintain your information in a professional, secure, respectful, and caring manner that is consistent with all applicable laws and regulations.   Further, we actively manage our operations to minimise the risk of its loss, unauthorised activity, or other misuse.  It is our intention to achieve ISO27001 certification in due course.


Where we maintain it


We operate in multiple countries and your information may be processed and stored outside of your country of origin.  As at the date of this policy, we utilise data processing and storage services in New Zealand, Australia, and the USA.  In due course, we anticipate storing and processing information in the UK and Europe too.


How we retain it


In general, it is best to assume that if you have shared information with us, we will have a copy of it somewhere on our systems.   If we are reasonably certain that the information will not be used again, we will remove it from our live services and internal operating systems.  However, our back-up processes usually result in a copy being retained in our archives.  If you prefer that we no longer retain your information, please contact us at to discuss the options; wherever possible, we will accommodate your request.


How you can check on it


If you would like to know what information we have about you on our systems, contact us at and we will provide you with a copy.  If any of that information needs updating or correcting, we will be happy to do so. 

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